Anyone Can Learn To Play

We believe that golf is for everyone; it is a sport that can be played and enjoyed in many different ways, for many different reasons.
A major part of The Academy's vision is to provide an opportunity for anyone to be able to start playing the game of golf for
whatever reason that may be.

We also recognise that everyone is unique, therefore every golfer is taught according to his or her own individual needs.
This will include: physical ability, development time available and individual hopes and aspirations.

Whatever your golfing goals are, the support and guidance of our team is ever present to ensure learning to play golf is an enjoyable
and fulfilling experience for anyone who wants to play.

The Very Best Golf Instruction
All Academy instructors have been personally trained by Pete Cowen and Mike Walker to deliver “tour Proven” techniques that continue to achieve major success around the world.
There is no one learning style that suits everyone, therefore these techniques are delivered in a manner suitable to the clients needs. This means lessons can be taken in a relaxed and informal way or delivered in a more structured form depending on which approach is most beneficial to the client. The one thing that all lessons do have in common is that the pupil will receive the very best golf instruction available.
Get Started
Instruction is available for individuals and groups, adults and children and be booked as a package or as a single lesson.
All equipment is provided during the lessons
Click here to view all lesson and package fees. Remember, joining the Academy as a “Starter” member is a great way to learn and is geared toward
golfers learning for the first time.